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My name is Sharon Adarlo, and I am a storyteller and maker.

I am mostly known for being a hard-knuckled, old school reporter, writer, editor, and researcher with more than 10 years of experience hustling in the New York City media market. I have reported on a variety of subjects, from crime to the finance industry. Besides news, I also write for businesses and institutions.

As a multi-disciplinarian artist, illustrator, and designer, my work takes many forms: drawings, paintings, sculpture, books, films, animations, photography, and installations. I weld, build furniture, and make shoes too. I have been studying Old Master art techniques for the last several years.

I recently founded a design company All Killer, No Filler. We make cool (sometimes useful) stuff for you and the world around you. We specialize in art toys and high-end design items for the home and office.

Other important things: I live in downtown Newark, New Jersey, which I used to cover as a crime reporter. I'm married to my childhood sweetheart. I would live in the Rockies as a hippie dirtbag if I could. Sci-fi books, comix, poetry, very loud music, and Super Mario are my thing.

I'm open to any interesting work that takes advantage of my skills: words or visuals or together.

For project inquiries or lucrative proposals, please email me at sharonadarlo at gmail dot com.